Chesapeake Bay Conservation: Bold attempts to restore an ecosystem in the face of rampant pollution

For decades, researchers, activists, and policymakers have struggled to make real progress restoring the Chesapeake Bay, one of the country’s largest and most prized estuaries. Agricultural inputs, climate change, relentless development, and a web of special interests continue to present challenges. While there has been some success mitigating nitrogen and phosphorous pollution, ecosystems and species are still decline (See News Feature: The complex case of Chesapeake Bay restoration). But in recent years, a small group of researchers has taken on the painstaking and daunting task of trying to restore two of the Bay’s most important keystone species, oysters and seagrass, bit by bit. Their efforts are starting to pay dividends – PNAS
Type: Short Film
Roles: Cinematography, Directing and Editing

Where the Waters Blend

Where the Waters Blend explores the day-to-day life of a modern-day, non-reservation dwelling indian tribe. The Piscataway people’s ongoing struggle to retain and share their heritage frames the journey of Cryz – the two-spirit daughter of the tribal chairwoman –  from rejection to acceptance of her leadership role in the tribe.
Type: Short Film
Cinematography & Directing: Susanne Coates & Emily Wathen
Production & Editing: Susanne Coates

Endless Summer in Norfolk

Nautical Channel host Lucia Metzbauer discovers Norfolk, one of the USA´s top nautical destinations. A port city on the Chesapeake Bay, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and countless rivers in its backyard, you just can’t get away from the water. Discover some of the incredible 144 miles of coastline in the heart of Virginia! – Nautical Channel
Type: Television Episode
Role: Cinematographer (Credited as Camerawoman)