Finding Serenity: Downsizing my Life.

Location: Forest Hills, Washington DC, United States, North America
Altitude: 76.00 m

It’s appalling how much stuff I’ve accumulated over the years! When I moved from Kentucky to Maryland in 2004 I got rid of a lot of electronic junk I thought I might use someday – but never did. When I moved from Maryland to DC I downsized again, but still I had a storage unit stuffed to the ceiling. Finally, when I moved from my small studio apartment (lovingly nicknamed Space Station Susanne because it had about the same internal volume as SkyLab) to the one-bedroom that I currently occupy, I had enough room to bring boxes out of storage and begin going through all of it item-by-item. So, for the past couple of years, as part of my moving-aboard preparations, I have been throwing away junk, Ebay-ing stuff that had enough value to make the effort worthwhile, donating still more, and re-packing the things that I will keep. 

To digitize art I made years ago, I used my camera as a high resolution, large format scanner. Each piece of artwork was photographed section-by-section then photo stitching software was used to assemble the sections into the complete digital image. After verifying that the digital copy was good, the original was discarded. I will be adding the digitized pieces to the Art Journal section of this site in the coming months

I’ve always had moving boxes in my current apartment, it felt as though I was in a perpetual state of moving in, or out, or … something. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked by neighbors if I was moving when they saw another load of boxes coming or going. Now, after two years, I’m getting down to the last of it. What’s back in storage are things that I’m relatively certain I will use – or they too will be purged. My long term goal is to reduce even further, eventually having only those possessions that will fit on my boat – except my car, of course 😉

A Sea of Boxes. Clear bins for the things that need sorting or are going into storage, and cardboard boxes for the things that go aboard. In this photo, I’m vacuum packing my extra towels to save space.

With the current round of downsizing almost complete, I’m nearly ready to begin the search for my new home. Serenity is out there somewhere and I’m eager to go find her.

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