Sérénitié’s Parts Replication System (PRS)
Part 1 – The Idea A few years ago, while I was perusing NASA tech briefs, I came across an article about how they …
We're still throwing it all away…
We give lip-service to recycling, but what's in our dumpsters and trash bins tell a different story. This photo was taken of a trash bin that sat …
Plastic, Plastic Everywhere!
We must do more to keep plastics out of the environment. From floating "islands" of plastic garbage that collect in the gyres of our …
The Stanley Norman
The Stanley Norman one of the 35 surviving traditional Chesapeake Bay skipjacks and a member of the last commercial sailing fleet in the United …
Winter Prep 3: Insulating Sérénité
Taming the "Drips"
Tornado Trouble
"Whirl, whirl, twist and twirl…"
Fort Lauderdale to the Marquesas Keys
The Conch Republic and Beyond!
Sunrise Jellyfish Encounter
Aliens from the Abyss 😉
Annapolis to Norfolk
Over the past several days I've been sailing with my friend Ralph as he begins his journey down to the Caribbean. This first leg of his trip …
Winter Preparations 2
Surviving winter aboard – in comfort
Glowing Toilet Water!?
Invasion of the Dinoflagellates
Winter Preparations 1
Front door Improvements