Author: Susanne Coates

Sérénitié’s Parts Replication System (PRS)

Part 1 – The Idea A few years ago, while I was perusing NASA tech briefs, I came across an article about how they were testing additive manufacturing to replicate parts in space, on demand. That is, instead of carrying a store of spares onboard a Mars mission to replace anything that might break or […]

We're still throwing it all away…

We give lip-service to recycling, but what’s in our dumpsters and trash bins tell a different story. This photo was taken of a trash bin that sat directly next to bins clearly labelled for recyclables. Why, after decades of advertising and outreach about the need to recycle our trash, does this still happen? Location: Onboard Sérénité, Back Creek, […]

Plastic, Plastic Everywhere!

We must do more to keep plastics out of the environment. From floating “islands” of plastic garbage that collect in the gyres of our oceans (Read more) to bits of plastic bags I find in the sediment that comes up with my anchor, plastic is a huge problem. Aside from the fact that seabirds, turtles, […]