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Dr. Susanne Coates is a multimedia specialist with a diverse background that spans software development, electronics, biological science, systems integration, and media production. Her research interests include the development of collaborative, geolocated, multi-modal storytelling paradigms and the web-based technologies to support them. Such paradigms are particularly useful to educate about complex issues – such as global climate change and environmental pollution – which span time, location, and information modality.

Over the course of her career, Dr. Coates has coded in a variety of languages for a variety of applications including artificial neural networks, robotics, nerve-to-computer interfacing, geolocation, and multimedia. As a graduate student, she created the first published implementation of a parallel-processed, artificial neural network on an ad-hoc computing cluster for which she won third place in the engineering category at the Penn State Graduate Research Exhibition[1]. She then used that software, along with hardware she designed to create a nerve-to-computer interface between the eye of a horseshoe crab and a computer.[2] Additionally, she was the Project Lead and solo developer of application software used by scientists to study chemical messaging in the brain[3]. The software is currently in use in laboratories worldwide including the National Institutes of Health in the United States.

Through her previous company Techcentric Design Group, LLC[4], Dr. Coates worked with numerous clients for nearly a decade to create video, multimedia assets, and software. Her film work[5] has screened at the Walt Disney Studios (Burbank, Ca.), the Environmental Film Festival (Washington, DC), the Red Rock Film Festival (Utah), and other venues. Presently, she produces documentary films that focus on women, the environment, and social justice through Wyld Earth Films, LLC, a production company she co-founded with a colleague. Additionally, she enjoys public speaking and often speaks on subjects related to the intersection of science, technology, and storytelling.[6]

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Dr. Coates is currently the Senior Web Developer at the University of Maryland’s, College of Arts and Humanities where she developed the multimedia content archiving and distribution system (ArHu-Serv) used to distribute and manage content across the college’s 20+ websites. The system is written in PHP and is built on the Drupal CMS.

Dr. Coates lives, works and travels aboard her 12.8 metre (42′) Jeanneau sloop,  Sérénité

Multimedia specialists design and create information technology based multimedia products such as websites, DVDs and software that combine various information modalities such as text, sounds, pictures, graphics, audio, video, virtual reality, geolocation data and/or digital animation.
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